Dr Barbara Barbosa, a senior lecturer in sociology at Monash University, spent five years speaking with people in nursing homes. In her article published on ABC, Dr Barbara spoke with over 150 older Australians in Age Care and found something terrifying. According to Dr Barbara’s interviews, most aged Australians in Age Care said that “loneliness consumes you when your old” it is described as “the worst thing in the world”. The Australians in care feel “unwanted”, “dumped”, and “forgotten”. “They’re wanting to die”, often crying themselves to sleep. A common misunderstanding loneliness is that those surrounded by people can’t feel lonely. It is not about the quantity of relationships but the quality of relationships. Loneliness is also not a one-size-fits-all approach either. Dr Barbara has found that technology can connect Australians in Age Care to connect to their families, helping to reduce loneliness, but some do not find it helpful. It is up to us to help reduce the stigma and realise that loneliness can affect everyone.