Leading researcher in Loneliness and health, Professor Julianne Holt-Lunstad, spent two weeks as a Visiting Professor at the Social Connectedness Lab. During her visit, Professor Holt-Lunstad presented a public lecture on Loneliness and Health which was co-sponsored by the Australian Red Cross and Iverson Health Innovation Institute, Swinburne University of Technology. Professor Holt-Lunstad also dropped into the ABC 774 studios for a chat with Jon Faine on The Conversation Hound recorded an upcoming segment for Ask the Doctor. She met with the Australian Coalition to End Loneliness and held a round table event about the implications of loneliness on our physical and mental health, as well as discussions about future avenues to combat loneliness.

Loneliness: a 21st century challenge

Join us at Loneliness: a 21st century challenge, a public lecture by visiting Professor Julianne Holt-Lunstad as she delves into the issues surrounding loneliness, how it affects us and what we as a society can do about it.